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Summer Clean with FURminator and COCO Clean

Fur…everywhere…. And Sand! Groan!! For real! My dog should be bald I’ve brushed him that much and that often & I’m sure my poor vacuum cleaner has ¾’s of the beach in it…. Summer beach fun and shedding or shedding full stop does my head in!

My family keeps telling me it’s my fault for getting a dog that sheds… I wouldn’t change my boy for the world but sheesh, the snotty nose and red eyes that come with brushing him as well as all the white fur all over everything is a bit of a pain and I’m sure my vacuum cleaner is filing for divorce for abuse because it’s been used sooo much!

My pooch Jed, is a Samoyed and they shed A LOT! And I mean A….LOT! An amazing dog and I love him to death but sometimes the brushing can get a bit much, not only for me but for him as well. It shouldn’t be a horrid experience for him, we should only be having fun and enjoying life together, but no, he pretty much gets crashed tackled into a towel at the beach to try and dry off plus get rid of the sand that likes to cling to him and make it’s way home with us….an unwelcomed guest I can tell you, hence the pending divorce paperwork from the vacuum cleaner….

A friend of mine took pity and bought me a FURminator, it was a rake looking brush and she’d also added some FURminator Shed Cloths in there too and I seriously thought it this is just another brush to clog up the cupboard but graciously accepted…and the cloths are going to do absolutely squat… but I couldn’t have been more wrong… This thing has seriously changed my life! And Jed’s!! I have thrown out every other brush that I had and only use the FURminator deShedder and those useless cloths, yeah, AMAZING! I am so eating humble pie right now.

The FURminator looks like every other rake brush but works to get through the top coat and gently removes the loose undercoat, without cutting the skin which is super important! If you use it regularly (like we are now) it can reduce the shedding by 90%!!! Crazy! It also has a nifty little button on the top to help remove the fur that is caught in the blades, kind of like a self cleaning bit that pushes the hair out into your hand which makes for easy disposal and cleaning, and it doesn’t cause the hair to go floating around the house like a fall out zone, it also doesn’t “bog” in the coat like the other brushes did causing pulling and pain to my poor Jed, he actually rolls over and enjoys getting his tummy brushed now, a very different scenario compared to this time last year.

And those cloths that I thought were a total tuck…yeah nah, they’re amazing! You can use them on the furniture as well as the car seats, so these little guys come with us to the beach! The shed cloths which catch the loose surface hair that’s come free while we’re swimming and toweling off, makes it a much easier and enjoyable time for us and my car doesn’t look like it should have been around in the Jurassic Era.

The beach is no longer a chore, the brushing is no longer a chore! Finally we are WINNING!


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