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Rosie the Bichon Frise cross Shih Tzu

If you are thinking of getting this type of dog, know that they are very loyal and loving and always want to be by your side. You will have to get used to those sad puppy dog eyes every time they see you leave the house without them but you will be greeted with a very excited happy face once you come home. Although they are non-shedding, it is important to brush them often or else their fur will get matted very quickly. They are pretty fast learners and are a great companion pet.

Rosie is a Bichon Frise cross Shih Tzu four and half years old. She is a small breed that is very fluffy and is completely white. 

She loves going to the park to play fetch, running around at the beach and absolutely loves visiting pet shops where she gets so excited that everyone thinks she is still a puppy.

She is great with kids and often senses when a kid is afraid and will stay still for the kid to approach. When she was a puppy she was afraid of larger dogs and would often avoid them but after socialising with dogs of all sizes for a while she is now fine. She isn't the type to go up and play with other dogs straight away but instead enjoys sniffing around and occasionally will join in and run around with the other dogs.

Her favourite weather would be Spring as it isn't too hot or too cold so she can comfortably play around without getting too hot. She isn't a fan of Winter as she doesn't like to get wet, she sometimes refuses to go for a walk if it is raining.

Although she is a non shedding breed, she gets brushed often to prevent her fur from getting matted and she gets a groom a few times a year. She isn't a fan of bath time, during Winter she gets bathed more often due to getting muddy from the park, other times she probably gets bathed once a month or two. Every night after dinner she gets a dental chew and she is always so excited about this.

She is fed a chicken based diet as she has not had any problems with it and loves it. She eats just under a scoop daily, a mixture of freeze dried topper and kibbles. She also occasionally has some wet food added too which she loves

With treats, she mainly gets treats that are natural and are healthy. She is a big fan of meat treats and salmon treats.

There are a few places that she sleeps, in her teepee, her bed, her pawrents bed or on the floor. She usually sleeps in a few different places during the night. 

She doesn't require much exercise, she usually gets a walk 2-3 times a day and during the weekends we usually take her to the park for a walk and play.  

She loves to play fetch with a ball at the park but at home she enjoys playing fetch with one of her fluffy toys that has a rope.

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