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Cooper the Mini Dachshund

Cooper is a 9-week old red smooth-haired Mini Dachshund (a sausage dog!)

Although little in size, he has a HUGE personality and an even bigger bark - which his pawrents discovered very quickly after a few nights away from his puppy brothers and sisters.

Where does the name Cooper come from? The name Cooper we loved, mostly because it's an easy-to-call doggy name but also because our last name is Hooper so "Cooper Hooper" just sounded hilarious and it can take a little while for people to click that it rhymes haha!

What size is Cooper? Cooper is a mini - so will grow up to about 6kgs, that's four times his current weight!

Socialisation is hugely important for us and our lifestyle so Cooper has been passed amongst many children's hands so far and will continue to learn and grow with them and eventually other dogs too (one vaccine to go!). He's a really good pup and happy to be around anyone, as long as he knows someone is there and he's not been left alone.

Routine is something we continue to work on, my flexible work schedule does not help Cooper learn his routine particularly well but we have finally got a bedtime down - now, it will be about getting him up to scratch with toilet training!

Dog Food is pretty easy when it comes to dachshunds, we are finding he will eat almost anything - including my yoga mat! We haven't tried a raw food diet or anything too specific yet, just what was recommended by the vet until he's a bit older. For now it is just puppy food.

Bed - Cooper has learnt the command 'in your crate' pretty early on, he knows what it means but whether he likes it or not, is not yet certain because we still deal with a fair bit of crying. One of my biggest 'hacks' is that we play the sound of heartbeat on Youtube for Cooper, and within minutes he's out and asleep.

Exercise is the easiest part because of dachshund's little legs - they don't require heaps and heaps - just one or two shorter walks throughout the day. Cooper has conquered walking up and down our street for now, that's plenty long enough!

Favourite Toy of the moment is a Dachshund stuffed animal, he seems to think it is his girlfriend at times!

Advice for puppies like Cooper - lots of attention! Give them all the right tools now while they are young and impressionable as it will be easier to set up routines and commands now rather than two years later. Your new dog or puppy will change your life and teach you so much, so be ready for the change and love the process!

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