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Bug the Jack Russell x Chihuahua

Bug is a Wire Hair Jack Russell x Smooth Coat Chihuahua. She’s tan and white, with long wispy Jack Russell hairs among her smooth coat. Her personality is spunky as, she’s not a dog who likes to be carried. She takes on the big dogs at the park, loves to run, swim and get mucky. She’s only 5 months and in great health!

What is the name of your pup and where did it come from? Her name is Bug. When we got her she was tiny and somewhat ugly, although still incredibly cute. We knew with a dog this small we would have to lean into it all, so Bug stuck.

Is it a small/medium/large breed? Small, almost tiny.

What are the three things your pup loves? Sunshine, Meola Reef Dog Park and Playing with her Mates at Daycare at Barkley Manor.

What is your pup like with kids? Other dogs and animals? She’s a real dogs dog, and isn’t all that interested in kids or humans in general. Other dogs she’s vocal at from a distance and demands to be noticed/played with. She’s super confident for a wee pup.

How social would you say your dog is? With dogs 10/10, humans she doesn’t know 3/10.

What is your pups favourite weather? Sunshine! Follows sun around the house, collects sticks to eat in the sunshine.

What are your grooming routines? (Shedding, dental, bathtime..) We brush her teeth and let her chew her toothbrush most days. We only bath her if she’s really dirty or if we have a special visitor. She doesn’t like to be brushed and doesn’t shed. We trim her claws every month or so but walks on concrete keep her claws down too. We sometimes shower off her paws after a walk.

What flavour food is your pup on and why? And how much do they eat? A mixture of dry and wet,mini pouches and kibble.

What kind of treats do you give them? (Training, dental,m health treats) She likes super chewy treats. She also likes freeze dried meat treats, but won’t take anything too biscuity or wheaty in texture. Won’t go near the stuffer treats.

Where does your dog sleep? (Crate, Bed, your bed) in a dog bed beside our bed. Snuggles in our bed in the morning.

How much exercise does your pup need and what is their favorite kind of toy? Daily walks. Lots of short ones while she’s a puppy. We think she will need a lot of walking as she grows for both her mental and physical stimulation. Her favourite toys are socks (preferably fresh off the foot) and sticks.

What would be your advice to someone who is thinking of getting the same dog as you? All the positives and maybe something to just be aware of..Be prepared to not sleep for the first month! Best little mate in the world. Treat small dogs like dogs! Be a mentor, not a dictator! read the book puppy zen.. do your homework. Keep a diary. Take photos!

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