The Pure & Wholesome Team

Join the Pure & Wholesome Ambassador Programme

Being a Pure & Wholesome Ambassador means that you, like us, believe that we together can make a difference. That we one by one can work towards sustainable solutions to create a brighter future.

We would love for you to join our team and seeing you use our products and spreading the word on Pure & Wholesome.

Share the love, get the perks!

What you get from us

The Pure & Wholesome Ambassador Programme is perfect for friends who share our thoughts, love and use our products. In return for sharing Pure & Wholesome with your friends, family and followers, you'll receive some special perks:

  • Pre Access to new arrivals prior to launch.
  • Surprise Freebies with your order!
  • 20% anytime store discount on regular priced items (for personal use only, not to be shared on social media)

  • The chance to offer ideas on new products and ideas.

  • The opportunity to write blogs, create social posts and capture videos or images for sharing on our social media platforms and website.

What we need from you

To maintain your brand ambassador perks, here's what we need from you;

  • Share and talk about Pure & Wholesome within your friend circle.
  • Engage with us on social media, feel free to comment, like or share any of our posts to help raise awareness of the brand in order to help other parents discover us. 
  • Visibly promote the Pure & Wholesome brand through unique content. Include a Pure & Wholesome tag on photo plus @pureandwholesome and #pureandwholesome in the caption for all social posts.
  • Post a minimum of 4 Pure & Wholesome exclusive Instagram or Facebook posts per month, meaning no other stores, brands or products can be tagged in the same post.
  • By becoming an ambassador you are giving us permission to use your images and content in our own advertising, social posts and marketing material. In addition, you can choose to post reviews  for your Instagram stories.
  • Produce high quality, clear images using a camera or smartphone. Ensure photos are candid, bright, fun and cheery. Send highres to
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Thank you so much for applying for our Ambassador Programme, we will be in touch shortly!


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