Yummy snacks with all-natural ingredients

Old Mother Hubbard Natural Dog Treats

Old Mother Hubbard's super yummy dog snacks have all-natural ingredients like chicken, cheddar cheese, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes and oatmeal. The biscuits are slowly oven-baked to preserve the natural flavors in all the varieties dogs love to catch, chew and eat.

Always Oven-Baked


Never artificial

From puppy to senior, crunchy to chewy, and all the fun flavors in between, there is a natural choice for every taste that dogs drool over.

Old Mother Hubbard Baking Company

Old Mother Hubbard was founded in 1926, but their roots extend back to 1873 as A. Hubbard & Son bakery in Gloucester, MA. makers of hard tack sea biscuits. One day a local sailor threw a biscuit to his dog who happily gobbled it up.

Old Mother Hubbard Treats

Classic, Grain-Free


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