Furminator Shed Control Cloths for Dogs | 12 Pack



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Part of Furminator's complete de-shedding range, these control cloths are a no-fuss solution for quickly cleaning your pet's coat and clearing up loose hair from the floor, furniture, car etc. They work brilliantly because the three dimensional proprietary loop technology catches and retains loose surface hair. They are thicker than traditional wipes and reusable up to three times before throwing away.

We stock the Furminator range of de-shedding products purely because they are the absolute best on the market. There are many cheaper copies but the Furminator design is patented and no other tool is anywhere near as effective. The tools were developed by a professional pet groomer and her husband after she spent over ten years trying to find an effective and comfortable product to cope with dog shedding . They cracked the design and the Furminator is now the most popular shedding tool on the market for both dogs and cats because it removes up to 90% of loose hair by pushing through the cat or dog's topcoat to gently remove the undercoat and loose hair without cutting or damaging the delicate skin underneath. Furminator also offer extremely effective cruelty-free, natural de-shedding shampoos, conditioners and Shed Cloths.
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