Nature's Miracle | Behavior & Training | Pet Block Repellent Spray Just For Cats | 236ml

Nature's Miracle


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The Just for Cats version is simply a stronger version of the regular Nature's Miracle Pet Block Repellent Spray. You can however use Just For Cats with dogs too.

Highly effective indoor and outdoor cat repellent. Nature's Miracle Just For Cats Pet Block Cat Repellent Spray is specially designed to keep your cat away from off-limits areas in your home and section. The long-lasting spray contains naturally repellent scents that are inherently disliked and avoided by most cats. This scent aversion encourages your cat to stay away from the treated area and works for both indoor and outdoor training. Nature's Miracle Just for Cats Pet Block Cat Repellent Spray will not harm animals or people when used as directed.

The Nature's Miracle story is a really cool one. Nature's Miracle is now a beloved and trusted brand with dozens of top-selling pet stain and odour removal products but it started with just one product for pre-schools! American Joe Weiss created a natural clean-up product that could be used safely around children in his local pre-schools. By accident one day, one teacher used it in a moment of desperation at home when she found a pet accident on her brand new carpet. When she told Joe that his product had completely removed all traces of the accident and the carpet was as good as new, he formulated a Pet Mess clean up solution which sold out in less than 48 hours. Today Nature's Miracle create some of the best, safest, most effective and most popular pet mess and odour removal products in the world. Products are made from natural ingredients, they are safe for pets and family, and they are super effective at removing both stains and smells.
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