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SmartyKat | Rat Pack Kicker Cat Toy with Organic Catnip



SmartyKat Rat Pack Kicker Cat Toy is packed with organic catnip making it irresistable. It's designed to be lifelike in size and it's refillable so when the original catnip fades you can top it up with a fresh batch. This toy is loved by all types of cats but it's particular good for overweight and indoor cats as it will have even the sleepiest cat batting and chasing it around.

Worldwise Inc, the company behind the SmartyKat range is right up our alley. For almost 30 years their mission has been to make environmentally responsible products that pets love and that cost no more than conventional products. Worldwise products typically include recycled, reclaimed, renewable resources, or certified organic ingredients. The SmartyKat range is known for it's innovative products, stylish designs, environmental responsibility and affordability.
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