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Bionic Urban Stick Super Strong | Small | Non-Toxic Dog Toy



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Made especially for dogs who destroy other toys in minutes, these toys are exceptionally tough and durable. They have been described as Supernatural Strong. Bionic Rubber is non-toxic, 100% recyclable, made from food grade materials and contains absolutely no BPA or lead - things which are present in other dog toys and that you definitely don't want your dog chewing on.

The Urban Stick is a three in one toy. It's great for chewing indoors, for a game of fetch outside and because it floats your dog can play with it in the water. The urband stick is ergonomically shaped to fit the canine mouth, it has strong ridges at the top that keep your dog interested for months, it's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, it floats and it has two pockets for stuffing with treats.

Small - recommended for dogs 9kg and under
27.2cm long x 11.9cm wide x 4.3cm high

Bionic dog toys are made by Outward Hound and were developed by dog and Bionic Founder Steve out of sheer frustration after his dog efficiently destroyed toy after toy with ease. He wanted to develop a super strong toy that was non toxic and safe but would keep aggressive dog chewers happy for months and even years. We like these products and this company because they care about what they make and about the dogs who use their stuff and they're not in business just for a quick buck. They take years over their designs to ensure their quality and cleverness and these toys don't contain commonly used nasties that can harm your dog.

We stock the Bionic Rubber dog toys because they are almost indestructible, safe for your dog and environmentally friendly.

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