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Whimzees | Large | Toothbrush | 6 Chews



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Whimzees dental treats are pretty amazing. They have been designed to help prevent dental disease by providing dog owners with an easy way help keep their dog’s teeth clean.

Their unique shapes with lots of texture and grooves help encourage blood flow to the gums and help prevent plaque, tartar and bad breath. They contain only six primary natural and functional ingredients and are 100% natural, vegetarian and hypoallergenic. They contain nothing artificial - no colours, flavours or preservatives. No GMOs, no gluten, grains or meat. They are high in fibre and low in calories and sugars and dogs love them!

Whimzees are great for all dogs who want a natural treat without chemicals but they are particularly good for dogs whose teeth need a bit of a clean up, who need to lose some weight, or have allergies, pancreatitis, diabetes or irritable bowel.

It is recommended that you give your dog one treat per day - please make sure you choose the correct size for your dog.

Small for dogs 6.5 - 12kgs
Medium for dogs 12 - 18kgs
Large for dogs 18 - 27kgs

Whimzees are not suitable for dogs under 9 months old

Whimzees is a Dutch company and is part of WellPet which is the umbrella company for a number of premium, natural pet food brands. Their promise is to make the healthiest natural products for pets. They have their own factories in order to keep full control of quality and put a lot of effort into producing Whimzees in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Aside from the fact that dogs love Whimzees, things like high efficiency lighting, pre-programmed electricity controls, low flow plumbing and solar in their buildings; and using their WellPet Foundation to financially support non-profit organisations that encourage healthy lifestyles for pets through research, education and action mean that we love to support and sell Whimzees.
Potato Starch, Glycerin, Powdered Cellulose, Lecithin, Yeast, Malt Extract, Annatto Extract, Alfalfa Extract.
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