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Paper Love Handmade Holdall Tote | Charcoal

Paper Love

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The Paper Love bag range is one of our favourites. Visually they are stunning, they are handmade by a Vietnamese women's collective and extremely eco-friendly - renewable and made sustainably.

The Holdall Tote Bag is large enough for travel and a stylish way to carry everything you need. It's made of Italian washable paper that is put through a tanning process similar to leather tanning but without the harsh chemicals. It has canvas and leather straps, is beautifully lined with an interior zip pocket. It is strong, durable, flexible, folds flat, and highly water resistant - even though it's made from paper, it won't tear. Best of all you can pop it in the washing machine on a gentle wash at 40 degrees, lay it flat and it comes back as good as new, or crumple it up for a funky look. These bags just get better looking with age. Available in Charcoal and Stone Grey.

40cm wide (base), 66cm wide (top), x 35cm tall x 29cm deep

The Paper Tanning Process
The paper is made using a virgin cellulose fiber from Italian plants propagated from cultivation and not deforestation. Cellulose is a carbohydrate and the chief component in the walls of plants. Vegetable dyes instead of chemical dyes are used to colour the washable paper. Mimosa vegetable extract is used for tanning the leather components as opposed to chrome tanning.

Holy Tote was started by Danielle, an Australian who has lived in Vietnam for over four years. She observed how in Vietnam absolutely nothing is wasted. If something breaks, every bit of it is pulled apart and used again to make something else. Danielle saw an opportunity to create beautiful things from recycled stuff while providing much needed jobs in the community at the same time.

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