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Bug the Jack Russell x Chihuahua

Bug is a Wire Hair Jack Russell x Smooth Coat Chihuahua. She’s tan and white, with long wispy Jack Russell hairs among her smooth coat. Her personality is spunky as, she’s not a dog who likes to Read more

Cooper the Mini Dachshund

Cooper is a 9-week old red smooth-haired Mini Dachshund (a sausage dog!) Although little in size, he has a HUGE personality and an even bigger bark - which his pawrents discovered very quickly afterRead more

Rosie the Bichon Frise cross Shih Tzu

If you are thinking of getting this type of dog, know that they are very loyal and loving and always want to be by your side. You will have to get used to those sad puppy dog eyes every time they seeRead more

Summer Clean with FURminator and COCO Clean

Fur…everywhere…. And Sand! Groan!! For real! My dog should be bald I’ve brushed him that much and that often & I’m sure my poor vacuum cleaner has ¾’s of the beach in it…. Summer beach fRead more

Why is my Dog not eating?

Will you just eat the food! C’mon, I know it’s not steak but it’s good, I mean it smells funky to me but you like that right?? What if I add some gravy….you’re not meant to just lick theRead more

The Grass Can Be Greener...

Ok, so when you hear “Honey, I think there is something seriously wrong with the dog” said in a very serious “grown up” voice, like every other fur-parent…I PANIC!! What’s wrong withRead more

Say Hello to No More Stinky Dog Breath

Sunny, Sunday morning ... the birds chirp away and the waves roll in and out. You can really feel that this is shaping up to be a great day. As the clock strikes 6:15, the whole family have one byRead more

How To Choose Which Nature’s Miracle Pet Clean-Up Product To Use

The Nature’s Miracle natural pet clean up range are some of our most popular products but there are many products in the range and it can be tricky to know which product to use when.  We haveRead more

Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzles and Toys with hidden treats - new in!

We've just received our first delivery of our Nina Ottosson puzzles and toys for dogs.  They are world famous, created in Sweden by Nina herself in the belief that dogs need mental as well as physicRead more

How To Care For Your First Kitten or Puppy

I have vivid memories as an eight year old going to chose my new kitten. Selecting her from the litter was easy as she was the most playful, social, black and white bundle of fluff. I named her PandaRead more

Tools and Treatments for Pet Shedding

We’ve been traveling for over 10 years and we didn’t have a pet for all of that time.  One of the first things we did after we settled into our own home back in NZ was to head to the SPCA andRead more

Ten Tips On How To Take Great Photographs Of Your Pet

I was asked to contribute a blog for this site.  Someone came up with the idea of doing one about taking pet photos.  Heads nodded (not mine) and then fingers were pointed (not mine) in my directioRead more

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