Our Story

Wholesome, ethically made products delivered to your door

‚ÄčA little bit about us

We want to be your most trusted, convenient source of pure and wholesome products for your pets. Everyone at Pure and Wholesome cares about the products you choose to use. We search for ethically sourced, top quality products that are pure or wholesome or both, created by people who care about good things made well and produced sustainably.

Why Pure and Wholesome?

We don't just sell anything. We do all the work for you to find the best products in each category. We spend hours researching, evaluating options, sifting out the pretenders that claim to be good for you when they're not, to find the best. We explain why we've selected the things we offer and why we we think you'll love them too. Then we package them up and deliver them to your door, anywhere in New Zealand.

How we got started

We're two entrepreneurial couples in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand with a shared enthusiasm for things pure and wholesome. The boys met each other one day out in the surf, started chatting and a year later Pure and Wholesome was born.

Pure and Wholesome Team

This is the fantastic team who answer your questions, pick and dispatch your orders, carry out stock takes, zoom around in forklifts, look after the numbers and win body building competitions in their spare time!

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