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Why is Air Dried Pet Food So Good?

We’ve recently started offering the Isle of Dogs air dried food range for cats and dogs. One of our early testers described it as like cocaine for pets - they go nuts for it.  Pure and Wholesome dog Sid loves it so much we have to keep the bags in a separate room he can’t get into!

Nutritionally air dried food is one of the best foods you can give to your pet, it is almost always made from extremely high quality, whole ingredients …. but it’s pricey. So why do we spend extra on air dried pet food?

Air dried pet food isn't cooked

The reason air dried food is so good, is that it’s almost all real meat and it’s not cooked.  It’s raw food with the moisture evaporated out of it, like dehydration but without the heat.  This means that most of the nutrients are left intact and there is minimal damage to the amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and proteins.  There are almost all the advantages of a raw diet but without the drawbacks and inconvenience.

Because all moisture has been removed it lasts for ages.  It won’t mould or deteriorate like raw food and no chemicals or preservatives are needed.  

Air dried pet food is almost all real meat

Good air dried food is usually at least 90% real, raw meat.  Nutritionally it is not even comparable to a lot of kibble and canned pet food which was first developed in the early 1900s as a result of scarce wartime meat supply.  The developers of kibble and canned food used ingredients like mouldy grains, rancid restaurant grease (it smells great to dogs), animal tissue, chemicals, preservatives and animal meal which included and still does include ground up claws, beaks, blood, feathers and skin of diseased, dead and disabled animals. Today marketing is more clever but the ingredients of cheaper pet food products still make for queasy reading. You can read more about common pet food ingredients at Pet MD.

Introducing Isle of Dogs Air Dried Food

Isle of Dogs air dried food is highly concentrated nutrition, it's lightweight and convenient and it’s fantastic for travelling and camping.  In addition to the many health benefits of air dried food for your pet there are a number of additional benefits of Isle of Dogs air dried dog and cat food.


  • You don’t need to refrigerate air dried petfood like raw diets, you can feed your cat or dog as easily as if it were kibble but with nutritional benefits that are closer to a raw diet, without the mess
  • lsle of Dogs meat is free range and comes from animals that are pasture fed and humanely raised on fully traceable, sustainably managed New Zealand farms
  • Isle of Dogs pet food contains simple, natural nutritious ingredients that you can recognise including New Zealand green lipped mussels, liver organ meat, dried kelp, dried chicory root, biotin, coconut oil, and a special vitamin and a mineral blend to help ensure a highly digestible and nutritionally dense meal. 
  • The range is free from genetically modified ingredients, and there are no animal meals, gluten, grain, wheat, corn, soy, potatoes, lentils, synthetic vitamins, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.
  • Air-dried food doesn’t crumble like freeze-dried food does so it has a similar look and feel to kibble which makes transitioning easier   

This pet food is one of the premier pet foods on the market and can be used as a meal, treat or food topper. Isle of Dogs is also beautifully packaged and comes in handy resealable packs.

There are plenty of air dried pet food options but we believe that our Isle of Dogs range is one of the best!

See our complete range of Isle of Dogs air dried dog food and cat food


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