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Say Hello to No More Stinky Dog Breath

Sunny, Sunday morning ... the birds chirp away and the waves roll in and out. You can really feel that this is shaping up to be a great day.

As the clock strikes 6:15, the whole family have one by one gathered in the big bed throughout the night. Maxine, the cheeky French Bulldog is not far behind. In fact, that naughty little pup has been snoring loud at the bottom of the bed for a good couple of hours now, waking us all up.  

Ahhh…what’s better than morning cuddles with the entire family and our four-legged friend?
That would be morning-cuddles with the entire family and our four-legged friend post teeth brushing.

Should you brush your dog's teeth?

Ever questioned whether or not to brush your dog’s teeth?  Let me just stop you there and tell you this:  after recently taking the kids to the dentist I have just learned that we should assist them brushing their teeth till the age of 11!  A big WOW at first but then after seeing the 3-year old totally going to town on the newly bought toothbrush, I quickly agreed with those words of wisdom.

So. Maxine. You. Are. Next.

At first, hmmm, lets just say...she was not quite convinced with my recently acquired new knowledge.  But with some encouragement and a bribe of two more nights sleeping on our bed, we saw the light!

So. Now. Over. To. You.

But, fear not! There are other ways…
We have tried quite a few different dental sticks and the ones we use now (together with once a day toothbrushing…yes we still see the light!) work a treat. Literally.  

Whimzees come in all different sizes, shapes and colours so it doesn’t get boring. The grooves and texture, help Maxine to give her teeth a bit of a work out and get to places where she wont allow the toothbrush to go.

Because Maxine is a Frenchie, we keep her on quite a specific diet so these sticks are actually perfect for her, and us. They are 100% natural and vegetarian, and they are high in fibre and low in calories.  Plus they are hypoallergenic which is great for our little friend!

The MaxieMoose (one of many nicknames she’s got, but definitely the favourite) gets one a day and now our Sunday sessions work a treat for the whole family!

You can check out Whimzees here


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