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VET IQ Green-Um Burn Lawn

Ok, so when you hear “Honey, I think there is something seriously wrong with the dog” said in a very serious “grown up” voice, like every other fur-parent…I PANIC!!

What’s wrong with the dog! I yell as I run passed my husband at warp-9 only to be greeted by a happy, tail waggy retriever that’s kinda looking at me, going “what’s up Hooman? Is it dinner time yet?”

So, I do the check over: paws, tail, head (and get a massive wet kiss for my efforts…bleh, thanks)….but no blood, no scratches, no anything that looks like said “serious” issue, so I turn to my hubbie with my best “What tha!” look on my face and he points to the back yard and the little burnt patches ruining his perfect patch of turf.

Puzzled, I head over and have a look, he said “I think they’re from where she’s wee-ing”…kujos for the technical term honey…not.

Hmmm, the culprit, Nell, a 3 year old Golden Retriever, definitely doesn’t look sick, worried or in pain so I don’t think we need to bother our vet, curious though, I go back inside and ask Dr Google….”Burn marks in lawn” Wondering if anything would come up and, no way! Would you believe it is an actual thing! And It IS from her!

Apparently, some dogs can get a high Nitrate levels in their urine and it can unfortunately kill your beloved grass. But, fear not Head Grass keeper or beloved hound!! There is an answer!!

Always making sure that your pet has enough water throughout the day is a given, but I stumbled across another suggestion which was a product called “Green-Um” by a company called VetIQ and it was available at the local pet store down the road, so off we went the following day for a walk, Nell thought it was a race but it is soooo wasn't.

After chatting to the helpful lady at the Petstore, who recommended the product straight away, which made me happy about the outcome on the spot, also told me that the beautiful thing about it, is that it has no chemicals added, and it’s made from a combination of “all natural ingredients” which do not alter the PH level in your dogs urine and also doesn’t affect their kidneys, which is super important.

She also mentioned a plant extract that was one of the ingredients that I seriously thought she had made up “Yucca Schidigera”…see, made up! Right? Nope real thing and apparently chuckling at the name was not the thing to do…. but it binds the nitrogen waste in her urine so less gets onto the grass and you don’t get the burnt patches. So, after paying for the Green-um and the toy Nell “de-stuffed” while I was chatting…not happy Jan… we walked/raced home to give it a crack.

Now, being a Retriever, Nell doesn’t mind food, or treats, or anything she thinks is tasty enough to make it into her gob, most of the time I think she inhales the food because you very rarely see her chew, so perfectly the Green-Um’s come in tablet form, and from the recommended dosage for a 21-30kg dog (she’s 25kg) it was 3 tablets a day, easy! You just wave them in her face and count your fingers after she’s tried to fit your entire arm in her mouth, but if your pup isn’t like a walking trash-can, then you can also crush them over the food, or if you’re a pro at giving tablets, straight down the hatch.

It does take about a 5-7 days to get into the system and start doing its thang but we definitely noticed a difference and the “Head Grass-keeper” is happy now his lawn is back to being green, and I’m super happy my “Fur-Baby” is OK…for the moment…being a Retriever isn’t easy, especially when there are so many things you could eat or hide or destroy….get a dog they said, it would be fun they said….sheesh! Lucky we love her!!..the dork….


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