Flo the Silky Griffon

Flossy aka FloFlo aka Monkey – She maybe small, but she is mighty! Weighing in at 3.5kgs this scruffy little gremlin’s favourite place is the beach! Luckily we live in the beautiful Mount Maunganui so she gets all the beach zoomies she wants! She’s a fussy little eater but goes absolutely crazy for a treat (Harrington’s Salmon rolls are a fav). She may not be scared of big dogs, her bestie is a 65kg Black Russian Terrier, but she is terrified of loud noises. Thunder storms are her worst. She loves a cuddle with Dad at night, but Mum kisses and smothers her too much. A mix of Sydney Silky & Griffon, her hair is a bit of a mess, but with a little trim once or twice a month, she’s always looking her best!

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