Luna the Speagle

Looney Loons or ‘Luna the Destroyer’, the baby of the family. Her aim in life is to annoy her big (little) sister Flo and insists/bullies her into playing 24/7. She LOVES food. Wet food, dry food, human food, treats, the garden plants and our couch……. She responds well to treat based training, but if she gets a scent, that beagle nose takes over and she’s off! We call her ‘Luna the Destroyer’ because she has been through quite a few toys. As soon as she gets her mouth on them, they’re destroyed in minutes. You’ll only find super strong toys in our house these days. When she’s not tearing around the house and garden at full speed, she’s sat next to you on the couch nudging or pawing you until you stroke her face. And don’t even think about stopping, she won’t let you. Only when she’s snoring next to you, is the petting allowed to stop.

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