Rosie Rabbit

Rosie Rabbit is a 9 month old Flemish Giant. She is a cage free, litter trained, indoors bunny and a well loved classroom pet! Rosie enjoys roaming the classroom, eating students school books, stealing their morning tea and biting through laptop, phone, chrome-cast, salt lamp and iPad cords. Rosie is a fast learner with a few tricks up her sleeve and also gives the best bunny kisses!

Rosie Rabbits Favourites

Being a first time bunny owner, I tried Rosie on different pellets to try suss out what she liked. Of course I did my research and knew I needed pellets that were high in fibre to help Rosie's digestive system and low in fat, calcium and phosphorus. Aaaaaand I wanted something affordable! Harrington's Optimum Rabbit Food were the only brand that met that criteria so I bought some for Rosie. Once I started her on Harrington's Optimum Rabbit Food, there was no going back! Every morning and night when I pick up Rosie's food bowl to scoop out some Harrington's for her, she gets up on her hind legs and is already face first in the bowl before I even manage to put it down!

Meet the whole team!


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