VetIQ - premium, natural pet health, behavioural & wellness products

We love VetIQ because their whole reason for being is to provide high quality, natural pet health care without the need for veterinary intervention. And they've been doing this excellently for almost 30 years - we can testify that their products really do work!  They employ vets and animal nutritionists to create premium healthcare remedies using natural ingredients combined with the state-of-the-art research and technology. VetIQ products give you a premium, effective alternative to visiting a vet for non-emergency, general healthcare

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VetIQ Pet Behavioural Remedies

Keep your best friend healthy, naturally.  VetIQ have a range of proven products to help you encourage or deter certain pet behaviour.   We have great products to help you potty train, calm your pet, stop urine burn on your lawn and train your pet where they should relieve themselves - and they really work! 

VetIQ Natural Pet Health & Wellbeing Products

Keep your best friend healthy, naturally.  Our VetIQ range provides cutting edge, vet approved support for your pet's health and wellbeing. Everything from dental care, skin and coat care, feline healthcare, vitamin supplements through to flea deterrents to ensure your pet remains active and happy.   


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