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Nina Ottosson | Treat Maze Interactive Toy

Nina Ottosson


Dogs need mental as well as physical exercise. If they lack mental stimulation, they can sometimes create their own "fun", like chewing on things, barking or hyperactive behaviour.

Nina Ottosson games are designed to stimulate a dog’s brain and reinforce it’s relationship with people. Each design demands mental as well as physical dexterity to work through the challenges and get to the hidden food rewards.

They can be set to different levels of complexity, to engage all ages and breeds and are also brilliant for senior and injured dogs who are still mentally alert but limited in terms of physical exercise.

The Treat Maze dog puzzle releases treats from two entry points: one on each side of the toy. Put treats or food in both sides of the top centre hole, and watch as your dog puts it in motion to release them.

After filling the Treat Maze, shake it a little to release the scent of the food and to help your dog understand that treats are waiting for them inside.

How to play
Fill with treats or kibble in both sides of the top center hole. Let your dog smell to get excited. Show your dog how the Treat Maze bobs and flips to release reward.  To clean, just remove all treats/food and wash with warm soapy water.

Skill Level:  Intermediate
Size: Diameter 18cm, height 6cm

Nina Ottosson Swedish games and toys are part of the Outward Hound company. Nina is still actively involved in the company and began creating her range of games and toys almost 30 years ago. She had always owned dogs and had two Bouvier des Flandres that she used to compete with, however after having children felt guilty at the lack of time she was able to spend with her pets. She began to develop ways to stimulate her dogs in a simple, fun way, indoors, together with her children. Brainteasers for dogs!
We love Nina’s toys too because their sustainable wooden products are made in Sweden of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which is Carb 2 compliant, (no formaldehyde at all is added), and are FSC certified and traceable. Their plastic products are made with food-grade, non-toxic plastic. In fact all products are non-toxic, and not treated with any type of lacquer.
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